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Peyton's Fluffy Chicken Countdown

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Lino and I were arguing if chickens looked cute (I said no she said yes) so we googled chicken. I won the argument but Lino went “but wait are there "pretty chickens?”“ So she search "beautiful chicken” AND THIS MF CAME OUT




why does nobody talk about fluffy chicken anymore??? it was such a huge thing back in 2012 and now its just. gone. even in those ‘tumblr back in 2013′ posts its just not there. completely overlooked. how could we have let ourselves forget such a landmark in history??

Watch: Meet the two-legged chihuahua and the chick that are best friends

Remember the fluffy chicken


why doesnt anyone talk about the 2013 fluffy chicken thing on tumblr anymore that was literally the best moment of my whole time on tumblr tbh


did that girl ever get her fluffy chicken?


This is the second time I’ve caught Torchic sleeping with her wing around The Governor and it’s the most adorable thing ever.


This is the second time I’ve caught Torchic sleeping with her wing around The Governor and it’s the most adorable thing ever.


Fluffy chicken is here


Everyone meet Flockie, the fluffy chicken!

Flockie is a silkie hen that was once a very loved pet! However, when a fox took her from her custom little hutch and dropped her in the wild to “free her”, she became terribly lost. She’s a very nervous, very clucky hen! She’ll freak out at any sound and continue to babble about it until it goes away. The fox who freed her, Russet, is now her only dear friend (although Flockie continues to argue with her about taking her home to her nice safe hutch).

I’m hoping to RP her with Henrietta!

I wonder how the person with the fluffy chicken is doing

Welcome: You’ll fit right in here.


How can I get a fluffy chicken now if my mom has no idea how many notes this gets?!


I want to know what happened to Fluffy Chicken Kid. Did his mom let him get the fluffy chicken? How is the fluffy chicken doing? What is his name? Is he happy? Or is he an at-risk chicken who might consume high quantities of genetically modified grains?


I wonder what ever happened to that girl and her fluffy chicken. 


i wonder how that fluffy chicken girl is doing

i hope she’s okay


Fluffy chickens are not mythical creatures!!!!


Yo I went outside and the first thing I see is this fucker Idk where it came from but it’s my new friend


But real talk here did thatsmoderatelyraven ever get the fluffy chicken

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