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Francie wanted to internet.


Had the urge to draw something cute and well … then the fluffy chicken happened.
It’s actually their pet, too.


my sister just tucked a fluffy yellow chicken behind my ear.

she’s 16 years old.


got a fluffy chicken


Did she ever get her fluffy chicken?


reblog this and my mom will give me a meme if I get 3000 memes


How is the fluffy chicken doing? Does that girl still have it?


remember when we got that girl a fluffy chicken


So fabulous. And fluffy.


What happened to the fluffy chicken I want updates

The Mountain

Did she ever get the fluffy chicken??


My dad got my brother a fluffy chicken for his birthday. She’s a bit dirty~


Mama Scruffy decided that of course the beginning of winter is the best time to hatch some chicks. No luck breaking her broodiness. She’s already been sitting on them for a while but the eggs should be hatching in the next 2-3 weeks, so now she’s moved inside for a bit. She’s in the extra shower with a space heater (in the bathroom, outside the shower) and the door closed to keep the heat in. We moved her nest and eggs inside and after realizing she was somewhere safe she went right back to sitting on them. 

I’ll be sure to get some pictures if we do get some chicks!


My best friend and I got into a war about what of our cults is better, the Mega Flygon cult or the Fluffy Chicken cult.

All of you are in the Mega Flygon cult, right ;-)

Flygon is just sitting on it :-P


fluff fluff fluffy chick en

what do you believe in?

hi guys, i have an essay for my ap lang class and it’s all about what you believe in. it could be the stars, macaroni and cheese, buddhism, your otp, troye sivan, or even a fluffy chicken. i was hoping to get some answers from you guys, so all of your responses are appreciated!

can you please expplain exactly what a banned book is?

A banned book is what happens when a novel or non-fiction work gets so popular and well respected that a human grows jealous of it and tries to get people to stop reading it.

See, humans have what psychiatrists call, “Publication Envy.”

Publication Envy is where an individual becomes upset by the fact books are going to outlive them. Humans live to 125 years tops, while the oldest known Sumerian books have been known to live past 4,500 years, and those are still selling today. Humans simply can’t compete. So when a person finds a book likely to outlive them, they attempt to have it banned.

Banning a book is a fool’s errand of sorts because you can’t actually ban a book anymore. You might keep it out of one library or a school, but the notoriety one grants the book by doing so ensures ten more schools and libraries will book a copy, pardon the expression, for themselves. Thus trying to ban a book inevitably ensures that books immortality and victory over the envious pathetic human.

So it’s critical to me that Valhalla be banned. I’m not ever having children, that’s just how it is. So my books are the closest thing I’ll create and unleash upon the world. And like any parent, I wish my kids could live forever.

So please: Ban Valhalla by Ari Bach. Keep it out of your local school or library or even your neighborhood book club. Any prohibition helps. Let’s work together people. If we can get that one girl a fluffy chicken, we can ban this book.



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